Customers Elated with Cheap Calling Cards to Iran from Australia!

Iran was first and foremost, a difficult destination for international calling. Nowadays there is an extended drive for expansion of telecommunication lines which are rated the 12th best in the world. Most companies now provide connectivity options for the more remote villages that have remained unconnected until now.

With the slashed rates in calling card plans, the customers who are seeking to call Iran will find it lucrative and easy to be in touch with their near and dear ones on a regular basis. With a whopping figure of 24.8 million landlines, and a stupendous network of more than 43 million mobiles, it is an affordable option for making calls to Iran.

The companies in this domain have enhanced their calling services to a great extent with a crystal clear sound feature and reasonable call rates. Even the service provided by some companies is extremely good and professional. What's more, the calling service is simple to use and requires no downloads, no PIN numbers whatsoever. Additionally, the calling cards are not expensive at all!

The best part about the new cards for calling Iran from Australia is that they support mobile applications and have the ability to enhance the calling experience even further by a notch or two. Parstel, a veteran telecom provider has cited the charges of levied by new cards for calling from Australia to Iran to be 0.049 AUD/min while calling rates from international mobile starts from 0.07AUD/min.

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