Call Iran long distance from UK today at affordable rates!

There are several benefits of using prepaid calling cards bought from a well known telecom provider. The first advantage is that it will help you to call local as well as international places at cheaper rates. Many companies have employed this idea of saving a significant amount of money for long distance calls from UK to Iran. But seldom, do companies provide efficient service and network clarity.

There are only some telecom providers who are reputed for their services and the affordable rates at the same time. This is true for all calling card companies across Iran and all over the world. Seldom do the companies have a dedicated customer service department which can provide apt answers to customer queries. While some companies truly have intelligent calling cards and rates in place, their service and network quality leaves much to be desired. With companies even offering services online, it is easy for people to opt for calling cards which can help them call Iran long distance from UK from the comfort of their homes. Additionally, the best part is that there are absolutely no calling pins involved.

Typically different calling cards for calling different countries have diverse dialing rates across all countries. However there are some companies who have opted for a single rate across all phones, including residential phones or mobiles. One such company is Parstel which has several value-added services for corporate purposes too. The company can offer efficient and quality services at extremely affordable rates. The superior voice quality is what separates the company from the rest of the lot. The company has initiated several long distance calling facilities from different countries to Iran. As per the latest rates, one can call Iran at the rate of 0.025 GBP/min while International mobile charges are levied at the rate of 0.05 GBP/min.

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